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    The 5 contextual dimensions of the organization

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    Contextual dimensions characterize the whole organization and describe the organizational setting.

    Size is the organization's magnitude as reflected in the number of people in the organization;
    Organizational technology refers to the tools, techniques, and actions used to produce the organization's products or services;
    Environment includes all elements outside the boundary of the organization;
    Goals and strategy define the purpose and competitive techniques that set it apart from other organizations;
    Culture is the underlying set of key values, beliefs, understandings, and norms shared by employees.

    Please identify an organization you have worked for and discuss the 5 contextual dimensions of the organization.

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    I am a mid-level manager at a software engineering firm currently with about 100 employees. The level above me is the "D" level (Directors of Departments), below me is the first rung of full-time employees below who are only intern and co-ops. I say this to give you some context of my answers. The organization is Plex Systems: http://www.plex.com (for more info on the company, if you need it.)

    1. Size is the organization's magnitude as reflected in the number of people in the organization;

    a. As I said, the number of people in this organization is now 100. When I started ten years ago, it was a little less than three dozen. Not merely as magnitude or head count, size is directly proportionally to the complexity of internal operations. Allow me to explain. The company was founded by thee people. Those three people could all participate in a conversation in a space as small as an automobile and every person knew not only how they stood to every other, but how each stood to the other. I do not know how long that transparency of relationships persisted, but by the time I came along, it was possible to know how I stood with every other person - how I got along with and could communicate with them let's say - but I could not comprehend how each other person related to any other person. We could all fit in our largest conference room and to make corporate decisions, all could participate. Since my joining it became impossible for all of us to fit in our largest conference rooms and just in the ...

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