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    Taking responsibility for one's actions and reactions

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    I agree about taking responsiblity for one's actions and reactions and this is something I attempt to teach as a school counselor as well as a mother and grandmother. I think when people make a mistake, as we all do, then a simple apology is needed. When people grow up believing that an apology is not needed or grow up believing that they can blame others for their mistakes, they most often have a very tough road to follow as adults. Adults are less forgiving of other adults - and some lessons are easier to learn young then when you get older. Explain

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    I think that manners need to be taught in a more formal way now days. It is common courtesy to apologize when you do something wrong, and this is an art that is lost on many individuals. People are sometimes brought up to expect that they should get their own way, which is not indicative ...

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    This solution discusses the importance of taking responsibility of one's actions and reactions.