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    Shared Values of Doctors in Leadership

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    What are the shared values of the doctoral community?

    I know that all of those with doctorate degrees have worked their way up through a lifetime of schooling, so therefore the shared values of the doctoral community would have to be knowledge and teaching. Those with doctorate degrees are the pillars of the academic community; they are the teachers and mentors that support scholars on their individual quest of knowledge to reach their goal.

    To me this is the highest form of leadership; those who are in the doctoral community have participated in all levels of education from pre-school, learning the basics to elementary school where they gradually added to a basic knowledge. (The elementary schools in Sierra Vista, Arizona encourage the students in third grade to mentor a preschooler and the fifth graders to mentor a third grader.) Then through junior high, high school, junior college, undergraduate school, graduate school, then finally through the doctorate degree. As an individual is in the process of all of the above schooling, they would have mentored another person or perhaps taught a few classes at an educational institution.

    How are these values related to leadership behavior?

    A leader sets examples to be followed. By becoming a member of the doctoral community, there are several examples being set: building self esteem (If I can do it so can you.), promoting a higher education (Look where you could be if you had more education.), mentoring those who have very low self esteem (It isn't as rough as you think it is.) and lastly being the gently or not so very gentle guiding "light" (you've come this far, you can't quit.)

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    I'll address the response to your first question, and then the second one.

    Knowledge and teaching are fine end-products, but they are not the core values of a doctoral community. What is the purpose of knowledge? Is it merely to "know" and then to share that "knowledge" via teaching? I would challenge that understanding because I think it is somewhat shortsighted. The goal of learning ought to be more than just learning knowledge. Rather, I believe that the doctoral community ought to desire to share in the dissemination, not only of knowledge, but of wisdom. This gets us into the issue of morality and ethics, and we cannot ignore these topics, for business students, scientists, artists, etc. -- we all are confronted with issues that require "moral" or "ethical" decisions. If we ...

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