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    Security Issues in Daily Life

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    Select three different types of locations that you visit on a regular basis: work, school, grocery store, bank, hospital, church, airport, mall, etc. In a 1450 to 2250 word paper, identify the security that you observe in each. Analyze the similarities and differences. Make recommendations for any additional security needed and provide justifications.

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    Security Issues in Daily Life
    Security issues in our day-to-day lives encompass many areas and establishments; from our schools to our grocery stores and our hospitals. Every establishment visited has some sort of security and each has a different level. In some cases the security levels are high and in others, close to non-existent. The purpose of this report is to describe the security at a grocery store, local middle school and hospital; describe the similarities and differences; and finally, provide recommendations to improve on their security and processes.
    Grocery Store - Albertson's
    The grocery store which was visited had very limited security. The store has the standard two way mirror in the back of the store and several "eye in the sky" security features. There are no security guards, cameras or anti-theft devices. The parking lot has low lighting and is opened to many dangerous elements such as car-jacking, assault and robbery. There is nobody that polices the area outside or inside. Doors open freely to both the front and back and there is no security to the warehouse where any customer could wander back and either hurt themselves or commit a theft.
    Local Middle School - Hillview Middle School
    At the local school the premises are fenced and gates are locked after the start of school. Students may enter the school through the front gates until 8:10 a.m. After 8:10 a.m., all gates are locked and the only entrance to the school is through the school office. At the end of school, the gates will be unlocked to let students out at dismissal time. Visitors are required to report to the office and sign in. Visitors are given a badge which indicates permission to be on campus. Parents are not allowed to walk their children into the school when dropping them off. There are "school resource officers" who patrol the school's parameter and the vicinity. These are law enforcement trained individuals who also provide training to students on school safety such as walking to and from school, what to do if they see a stranger on campus and what to do if approached by a stranger.
    Local Hospital - Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital
    The local hospital has stationary security guards at all entrances, two security vehicles patrolling the parking lot; security guards walking the floors; and security guards in the flower shop, admissions office, and cafeteria. Security cameras are strategically placed in darker areas of the parking lot and the ...

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    This solution describes the security at a grocery store, local middle school and hospital; in addition, there is a description of the similarities and differences; and finally, provides recommendations to improve on their security and processes. The solution is approximately 1600 words with three references.