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Risk Management for Recruiting Manager

Please provide your opinion on this: You are the Recruiting Manager and you are hiring an Accountant.

You learn that an applicant was convicted of possessing a controlled dangerous substance twenty years ago when she was 18.

Should that be a bar to employment from an enterprise risk perspective?

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Interesting question. My own comments are that if she passes a drug/substance test this is not an employment issue.

Confirmed by hiring decision of FBI. See below

FBI Bows to Modern Realities, Eases Rules on Past Drug Use
Policy Change Comes as Agency Struggles to Fill Openings

By Dan Eggen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, August 7, 2007; A03

The buttoned-down FBI is loosening up: Under a little-noticed new hiring policy introduced this year, job applicants with a history of drug use will no longer be disqualified from employment throughout the bureau.

Old guidelines barred FBI employment to anyone who had used marijuana more than 15 times in their lives or who had tried other illegal narcotics more than five times.

But those strict numbers no longer apply. Applicants for jobs such as analysts, programmers or special agents must still swear that they have not used any illegal substances recently -- three years for marijuana and 10 years for other drugs -- but they are no longer ruled out of consideration because of more frequent drug use in the past.

Such tolerance of admitted lawbreaking might seem odd for the FBI, whose longtime director J. Edgar Hoover once railed against young thugs filled with "false courage from a Marijuana cigarette."

But FBI officials say the move is simply an acknowledgment of reality in a country where, according to some estimates, up to a third of the population has tried marijuana at some point.

The loosened standards also come as the FBI struggles ...

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The solution explains the opinion of the expert on a recruiting manager for hiring an accountant. Should an applicant being convicted of possessing a controlled dangerous substance twenty years ago when they were 18 be held against them is determined.