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    Recruitment, Selection, and Placement

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    Vincent and Peter are sales associates and are up for promotion to sales manager. In the last five years, on a 1 = poor to 5 = excellent scale, Vincent's average performance rating was 4.7 and Peter's was 4.2. In an assessment center that was meant to stimulate the job of sales manager, on a 1 = very poor to 10 = outstanding scale, Vincent's average score was 8.2 and Peter's was 9.2. Other things being equal, who should be promoted? Why?

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    In this scenario it appears the company is using a simple ranking system to classify an assigned value to the perceived performance for their employees categorically and using that data to drive their promotion decisions. Therefore, from an "all things being equal" standpoint, using these ratings would indicate that Peter would be the better person for promotion to ...

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