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Quality, Team Effectiveness & Employee Development

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Please explain:

1. How can an employee be motivated by quality awareness?

2. How does the free flow of information impact team effectiveness?

3. Why is employee development essential to the organization's goals and objectives?

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1. How can an employee be motivated by quality awareness?

Quality (and quality awareness) is no longer a preference, but instead it is both the price to enter the market place and to survive once you are in it. Quality development and awareness starts with management's solid commitment to conforming to requirements; however the support of the entire organization is required to ensure standards are maintained. Therefore quality awareness is essential through the involvement of the employees in the process through the team approach, and higher levels of employee involvement are related to higher levels of reported employee motivation. The involved employee realizes that each of them can now make a difference to minimizing waste and errors, and producing quality products and services. Satisfied customers mean more potential business and loyalty to the company and customer satisfaction is often associated with employee motivation. This all starts with having employees that are trained in the knowledge, skills and attitudes to make quality happen. Quality Awareness for the Team is aimed at helping the organization company minimize waste, maximize profits and get employee sharing, problem solving and making a difference. Mjema, Victor and Mwinuka (2005) found that the introduction of IT on quality management has contributed greatly to the enhancement of quality awareness, in the improvement of product quality and in the reduction of quality costs (http://www.emeraldinsight.com/Insight/viewContentItem.do?contentType=Article&hdAction=lnkhtml&contentId=1509041). Quality awareness ...

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