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    Product Rating and its Implications

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    About BPA, in Canada, BPA in contained only in certain plastic bottles, with the numbers 6 or 7 on the bottom. I have only ever seen waters bottles with a number 5 or 1 on the bottom, so here there is no BPA in our water bottles. BPA is still a huge concern for other things such a baby bottles and sippy cups. Last winter, though, the Canadian Government passed a recommendation advising BPA be removed from all implements which children use. Within a few weeks, all products with BPA were pulled of the shelves and replaced. And the BPA message spread to heaps of products, even for adults. Explain

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    Understanding product ratings criteria is priceless when a person seeks to uncover whether or not a product is safe. A great example of this is that of organic food or other health related ...

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    This solution discusses the legal ramifications of product ratings.