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    Poster for illiteracy in America

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    Read the scenario described in Application 10.4 on page 176 of the course textbook. Create a document that responds to the issue presented in the scenario. Use a visual format (flyer, poster, brochure, pamphlet, web home page, or other visual format) to convey the primary ideas.
    Include the following components:
    · Present a clear goal and purpose in the content (e.g., to seek an increase in funding; to inform and raise awareness about the issue; to call for volunteers, donations).
    · Gear the document toward a specific target audience (e.g., government officials, the public at large).
    · Use logical and sound evidence to support your statements.
    See the grading rubric for additional guidelines. It is recommended that you use the rubric as a checklist as you draft the project. Refer to the rubric often, and be sure to fulfill the requirements for all criteria listed.
    Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below. The textbook to use is Ruggiero, V. R. (2015). The art of thinking: A guide to critical and creative thought (11th ed.). New York, NY: Longman.

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    Poster for calling volunteers for improving literacy among adults is examined.