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    "negative human capital" vs "positive human capital"

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    Solve the following problem by developing new policies, actions or solutions. Identify how we can pay for this solution to be implemented? New taxes? Cuts in present programs? Are there any changes in the present US constitution that might be neccesary to implement this solution?

    Problem: Sixty Percent of the youth between eighteen and thirty in Detroit are unemployed, have not completed high school, are at various levels of functional illiteracy, without job skills, and are living on welfare or through illegal activity. What can we do to eliminate this "negative human capital"? Or even better, turn it to "Positive human capital".

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    Human resources are the most important possessions of a nation, as a nation is defined not by its land but by its people. Democratic and progressive countries of the western world regard their human resources as an asset and not a liability as is the case in most other countries in the third world. It is ironic and pathetic at the same time that despite this valuable possession in her hands, America at times loses a part of this resource as is quoted in the statistics about Detroit in the problem statement. Unemployment, social ...