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Personal Learning Theories

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I am trying to find online information, journal articles or text book references for learning views. Then, I will have to write 2-3 pages explaining my own personal learning theories using APA format.

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This solution includes personal learning theories based upon research. It includes different theories and concepts that the writer feels are most effective. APA formatted references are included.

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Learning views differ based on the situation, the material that must be mastered, and the learner. In learning a new task at work, an employee may be more motivated to succeed in order to earn a promotion, appear clever, or increase their salary. In school, there may be a class that is important to one's future, so the need to gain knowledge is more intense. Motivation plays a large role in the ability and drive to learn. Some material is also easier to master than others: subjects may be intuitive or they may demand memorization. A different style of learning is needed to understand each of these variables. The learner may be capable of self-directed learning or need supervision. He or she may have a language barrier, be less than competent with technology, or have other learning issues. Each of these factors must be taken into account when planning and determining learning activities.

Learning may be viewed as a "a process of filling students with knowledge or a process of shaping students' personal growth and development; or it may be viewed as a process of exploration or a process of collaboratively constructing new meaning and understanding" (Edith Cowen University, 2013). Not only is the student's motivation ...

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