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    Overcoming Post-Purchase Dissonance

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    Conduct research to learn about other strategies that marketers use to help buyers overcome post-purchase dissonance. Based on your research, pick five strategies that you think are the most effective in reducing post-purchase dissonance for one of the following:

    New car / House / Electronic appliance, such as an air conditioner

    Prepare a report explaining these strategies and the reasons you think they are effective and provide examples to support your arguments

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    Prepare a report explaining these strategies and the reasons you think they are effective and provide examples to support your arguments.

    Post-purchase dissonance is the process of reflection and doubt about the decision resulting from consumers' purchase of complex products. Sometimes they undergo a considerable degree of refection about the decision and consideration about whether or not they have made the right choice. The less confident the consumer with the decision-making process and the more perceived risk involved in the purchase, the more dissonance is felt. However, there is rarely a post-purchase evaluation and dissonance for purchases that are routine or habitual.

    Strategies to reduce dissonance for a car:

    1. Before the purchase, explain the seller's policy on returns or exchanges. Some car dealers offer five-day, money-back guarantee. Customer benefits like this helps eases out buyer's remorse and it pays to be fully informed before signing a contract and. Explaining this to the buyer before and after the purchase gives them a feeling of assurance that they have bought something that is worth their money. Another benefit could be a refund police on some parts. An example of this is CarMax which offers a five-day, money-back guarantee.

    2. Provide after sales service and a toll free number for customers to communicate easily and remove doubts. Make sure the buyers can reach you anytime. Build a website with 24/7 chat/live support and ...

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    The solution discusses five strategies that are most effective in reducing post-purchase dissonance when buying a new car. Also provided are the reasons why they are effective and examples for each strategy. References included.