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    Negotiation: anger, five sources of power, freeze wages

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    1. How can anger can influence the negotiation process.

    2. Of the five sources of power informational sources, personal sources, power based on position in an organization, relationship based sources, and contextual sources. Choose one of these types and discuss an example from your work or personal life.

    3. How would you address your employees if you told them the president of the company may freeze the wages of your employees when the president of the company just hired 3 senior executives? How would you notify them?

    4. Explain the following statement: "A lie is not a lie when the truth is not expected."

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    1. How can anger influence the negotiation process?

    Anger is an interesting emotion. While anger happens, it should be dealt with appropriately prior to trying to complete a business transaction, communication and the negotiation process.

    Anger increases endorphins and testosterone levels. It can increase your blood pressure and cause you to perspire, cause vision issues, and even sweat and cry. While anger causes all of these changes, it also makes it harder to think correctly and clearly and sometimes can alter judgment and decision making ability.

    Anger can negatively impact the negotiation process. When you are trying to negotiate within the negotiation process, the idea is to come to resolution on the problem. Anger can be a barrier between the members of the negotiation process and the solution.

    When two people are negotiating something, they need to be able to communicate. Anger can definitely hinder communication. It is very hard to discuss something with someone when anger is involved. One should never send an email in anger. Voicemails should not be left when angry. Letters should not be written in anger and sent without another thought. This can be detrimental to all involved. This is true for the negotiation process as well.

    Anger can also blind one or both of the parties in the negotiation process. There may be a mutually beneficial solution offered, and because of anger one or more parties may decline the solution. If there were not ...

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    The solution examines the anger, five sources of power and freeze wages for negotiations. The statement "A lie is not a lie when the truth is not expected." is explained.