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Media Influence on the Workplace

Analyze the implications of new media influence on how work is conducted and how management of the work may or may not be impacted. Discuss the implications of commerce in discussing the "new workplace." Please draw on your readings and as well as your experience.

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It appears that new media influence on how work is conducted, has had the implication of ensuring that there is greater efficiency within the workplace than in the past. Because of the great deal of technology that is broadcast through the media, especially images of highly advanced technology being utilized in the industry and workplaces of overseas competitors, there has been a great media influence on organizations to become as technically advanced as possible. This has led to a situation where more and more of the work that is conducted within organizations, is being conducted by computerized systems, which includes a great deal of the manufacturing duties that were once conducted by human hands. This media influence upon increasing the automation within the workplace, has ...

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