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    "Management issues involving discrimination protected groups"

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    I need 1750 - 2500 words on the topic in the title to help me with the final word count and add some insight from another point of view. I have a 5000 word paper on the following using the subject topic in the title. The final project enables you to infuse theories, concepts, and vocabulary learned in the course with a contemporary management issue. Since business management is the subject of the report, content should never drift from the identified purpose. This final project is an applied analysis; therefore, you should only use experts to support your positions, arguments, suggestions, or recommendations. Prepare a professional management analysis on one of the issues listed below. Please provide a portion for each bullet below. Thanks!

    "Management issues involving discrimination protected groups"

    In your paper, be sure to include the following:

    - Introduction and topic selection. Provide a brief focus statement about your paper, a synopsis of your chosen topic, and what the reader can expect.

    - Functions of management. Explain how your chosen topic relates to the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

    - Management skills. Explain how management skills are utilized in terms of your topic. Be sure to analyze which skills would be useful and why.

    - Motivated workforce. Assess how your topic relates to building a motivated workforce. Where applicable, discuss how diversity plays a role. Explain what human resource management principles apply here.

    - Solutions. Discuss how the findings can be expanded, implemented, or promoted when determining managerial solutions. Apply specific theories or models that would benefit this issue.

    - Summary. Culminate your paper with a few concluding paragraphs about what your paper discussed and how it can be beneficial to practitioners.

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    Introduction and topic selection. Provide a brief focus statement about your paper, a synopsis of your chosen topic, and what the reader can expect.
    Discrimination in the Workplace. Academic Journal By: Mishra, Bharat; Mishra, Jitendra. Journal of Higher Education Theory & Practice , 2015, Vol. 15 Issue 4, p64-72
    A Guide for Managers to Protected Groups. Periodical By: Segal, Jonathan A. Bloomberg.com. 4/19/2010, p3-3. 1p.

    In reference to the focus of this paper, it will be predicated upon assessing how managers and organizations can provide the necessary legal protection against penalties and fines for violating rights against protected groups in the workplace. Therefore, this is akin to a guide for management in regard to understanding how to most effectively comply with state and federal laws regarding discrimination against protected groups. The Discrimination in Employment Act, which was passed in 1967, is the legislative mandate that is used to dictate labor laws involving protected groups within the U.S. The law is applicable for employees as well as people applying for jobs, and this entails discrimination against groups such as those defined as older, women, minorities, people with disabilities, and other groups that are legally protected as defined by U.S. law.

    The two protected groups that face the most discrimination according to statistics are people who are defined as older as well as those who are defined as obese. This summary provides the general overview for managers on some of the most common types of discrimination within the workforce that entail racial, sexual, and ethnic discrimination that is predicated upon the use of employer biases against potential applicants and employees for jobs. The primary reason that discrimination exists currently within the workplace is because of a lack of understanding of the necessary statutes that must be adhered to wherein businesses that fail to comply with all the regulations that are established for protected groups can expect to face significant litigation and fines. This is why it is imperative that an organization take all the necessary methods to ensure that managers are well versed ...

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    "Management issues involving discrimination protected groups"