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    Intercutural Management

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    What processes do MNCs need to establish in order to reduce prosecution risk? Many MNCs have decided to confront concerns about ethical behavior by developing worldwide practices that represent the company's policy. What are four policies used to address this issue? How would you implement these four policies in your business strategy? 200 words

    What are examples of questionable payments in industry? If these questionable payments are part of the culture, are they now acceptable behavior for MNCs that operate within those cultures? Provide reasons to support your opinion. How is a bribe different from a gift? 200 words

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    Prosecution means to be arrested and brought to court because a crime was committed. To reduce prosecution risk, a multinational company must-

    -Be thoroughly aware of the laws of the other country, especially as they relate to the company's industry niche.
    -Have a comparison analysis made by legal professionals of the differences and similarities between the laws of the company's home country and those of the guest country.
    -Using embassy data and other sources, determine what other similar companies do who have established a presence in that country, in the event of conflicts between the laws of each country.
    -Draw up a document that would establish policy to be observed by every store or office, etc. that is built in the guest country, with a printed in-house consequence grid for non-compliance.
    -Hold meetings with every executive and manager whose activities are affected by this policy document.

    Four policies that promote law abiding corporate citizenship in countries ...

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    The processes MNC's need to establish in order to reduce prosecution risks are provided. The four policies used to address this issues are given.