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How To Deal With A Bullying Boss A story and guidelines t

According to a 2007 study by Florida State University, 40 percent of workers feel they have to deal with a bad boss. I was in this group and worked for a boss that was areal bully. I learned that you have options and you can do things to inprove your relationship with your boss.

Read my story, learn what I did and find tips that you can use.

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The year just started and was already getting rough. I had just survived the latest layoff, my divorce started and now I was assigned to a job with a guy who was known to be a "boss from hell."

Micro-management, nit-picking, nasty, Ken had it all. Just like about everyone else, he was jockeying for position within a new organization. This may have been the reason for his behavior.

It seemed I couldn't do anything right. Everything I did was criticized. There were continuous calls for updates; I remember one day when I had to hide in an unoccupied office to
get some relief. I felt so much stress I had to go to a doctor; my blood pressure was high.
I bought what seemed to be every book about working for a difficult boss. My colleagues
were great, but the pressure continued. I met the deadlines but that wasn't enough.

Ken didn't care about my personal matters. This was a time when corporate concern about balancing work-life matters didn't exist.

Somehow I got through the year. The divorce was completed at the end of the year. New
Year's Eve was tough; I moved into a new house. The rough year was over, so I thought.
Yet looming was my performance appraisal. I foolishly thought that I would get at least
an average rating and qualify for a modest pay increase so I could start paying off the debts
I ran up.

The time came for my appraisal feedback; everyone got theirs but not me. I got my feedback one night when I went to an ATM ...