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    Home Depot Strategic Employee Training Program

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    Please include a step by step narrative of the attached file. The problem is to provide a chronicle of activities to improve home depot employee training operations. Each step should be explained concisely, and I welcome any extra thoughts, etc.

    Note: there are three tabs.

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    STEP 1
    ? The first flow chart gives a holistic picture of the employee-training program at home depot. The chart begins with the orientation that is imparted to new employees. Strategic training follows this. The strategic training familiarizes the employees with the strategic vision of the company as well as the long-term objectives of Home Depot. The strategic training also informs the employees of the sales goals of the company and the employee incentive system that Home Depot uses.
    ? At the next stage Home Depot gives Customer Service Training to its employees. This consists of courses that are led by the customer instructor. These courses stress on quality and orient the employees to provide a 'high quality' customer service.
    ? The next stage in the Home Depot employee training is Specialized Training. This is specially focused first on plumbing products, second on electrical products and third on lawn & gardening products.
    ? After the Specialized training is completed the next stage leads us to the Employee Pay Increase that follow the training. Some pay increases automatically follow training whereas other pay increases are linked to performance after training.
    ? The test of improved performance after training is improved customer satisfaction. Carrying out a Customer Satisfaction Survey and evaluating its results give us the pertinent information. Is there a significant increase in customer satisfaction after the ...

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