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    Hiring Plan/Training Successors

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    Assume you have been promoted to your "dream job." But, before you leave, you must recruit, select, and train your successor. Develop a plan for how you are going to do this. These should be thorough and very detail-oriented. Where will you advertise? What tests will the candidates need to do? What skills must he/she demonstrate? How will you ensure that your replacement has sufficient training?

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    Currently, I am the manager of the production line where lathe machines are assembled.
    So, my successor must be at least an engineer from a reputed institute, he must have experience in an engineering assembling line, he must have knowledge of how steel pats are forged, iron castings are made and he must have experience in machining of steel and cast iron parts. The person must have between 5 and 10 years experience. He must have excellent people's skills.
    The recruitment process will be through:
    1. Referrals;
    2. Databases of recruitment consultants:
    3. Job websites:
    I hope to generate at least ten applications based on the above spec before I begin the selection process.

    I will short-list the applications based on the specifications of education, experience and personal ...

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