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Evaluator as a Career Choice

Would a career as an evaluator be interesting to you? Why or why not? Support your opinions by referencing sources such as a textbook or internet research. Be sure to cite your sources.

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The opportunity to be an evaluator offers many benefits, including ongoing education, ever-changing tasks, and the ability to grow in many directions. A career as an evaluator would be interesting from the standpoint that I would be able to utilize the skills learned in this class and apply them in real world scenarios. I am intrigued by the profession of being an evaluator in that it pulls from so many different programs, from psychology to education to business.

I am interested by the concept of continuing to grow in the profession. While many professions have a set course of action, the profession of evaluator allows one to be creative, engaging in informal programs like simulations, research projects, and reading books and journals, as well as attending graduate or certificate programs. Moseley and Dessinger (2009) also mention various professional journals as well as the American Evaluation Association, as potential sources of information to "improve evaluation practices and methods, and increase evaluation use" (Moseley, Dessinger, 2009). It appears that one is ...

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