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    Religious Traditions

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    Please help me in explaining how religious traditions describe and encourage the following relationships:

    â- Relationship with sacred time
    â- Relationship with sacred space or the natural world
    â- Relationship with each other

    If you can include examples of at least 3 religions that would help.

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    â- Relationship with sacred time

    The religion that believes that time is sacred is that of those who are Buddhist. They have specific times of day in which they worship when in school and church. Each person is very disciplined at getting their work done in an efficient manner no matter what age. Their businesses are highly successful because their lives revolve not only their religion and family, but each individual takes time to get to know others through this process. A person feels appreciated and takes ...

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    This solution described what religions go with specific parts of how a person views his or her world, such as Hindu, Buddhist, etc.