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Effective Arguments and Business Communication

1. How might presenting effective arguments differ in the classroom, daily life, and your job? Would you use different types of supporting evidence to make your argument? Explain.

2. Select a channel used for business communication. What are the advantages and challenges of that form of communication? Provide an example when you have used that form of communication or when someone else has used that form of communication with you. Did it work well for that situation? Why or why not?

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1. Classroom arguments are one of the most engaging arguments which can stretch across many topics. Such arguments not only foster creative thinking but also encourage students to broaden their base of analytical reasoning, and knowledge of how to distinguish fact from opinion, teamwork, and cooperation. These arguments are very effective as they act like building blocks upon which students are able to create future arguments. Most of the classroom arguments are logos.

In everyday life, argument is used to mean verbal dispute or disagreement. When two or more people engage in an argument they try attempt to convince the ...

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This solution discusses how presenting effective arguments might differ in the classroom, daily life, and your job. It also discusses face-to-face meeting as an internal business communication channel.