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    Discussing Public Administration

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    Hi, I need some assistance with the following questions:

    - Define public administration. How would you describe it to someone that is new to the industry and not familiar with it?
    - Shafritz, Russell, and Borick (2012) briefly refereed to rational decision making and ad hoc incremental decision making. Assume for a moment that you are meeting with the gatekeeper of public administration. Before entering the realm of public administration, you must select one decision-making theory to use for your entire career. Which one would you select to support your main objective as a public administrator? Which one would allow you to make the most change or be the most influential? Explain your decision.

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    Public administration is essentially the fusion of politics and management, and is the scientific discipline by which government is managed effectively. I would describe public administration to someone new to the industry and not familiar with it, as a sister to the science of business administration, with the basic difference being ...