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    Discussing Harassment at Work

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    Scenario: When Maria Suarez got her new job, she was happy. As an oil rigger, she would make enough money to support herself and her two children. But after a week of working with a primarily male crew, her happiness was gone. Her coworkers were the reason. At first the men made unwelcome comments about her body. Then sexual graffiti mentioning her name appeared. When she came to work one morning a nude female picture was pinned to one of the rigs. Her name had been scrawled across the bottom. Maria complained to the crew foreman, who referred her to the site manager. "Let's ignore it for a while," he told Maria. "It's just good fun. The men are testing you. You've got to fit in."

    What are Maria's legal rights in this situation?
    What would you do if you were the site manager?
    Do you think Maria should just try to "fit in"?

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    What are Maria's legal rights in this situation?
    - Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of !964 is violated by the harassment that Maria is facing.
    - She has the right to work without the unwelcome comments about her body.
    - She has the right to work without the graffiti and the nude photo with her name on it.
    - Each of these incidents is such that it interferes with her ...