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    Difficulty Finding Excellent Candidates

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    1.) You were recently promoted to sales manager of one of your company's most productive regions. After several weeks on the job, you are becoming concerned about Brad, one of your veteran salespeople. Although he is quite successful as a salesperson, Brad seems to have a problem dealing with time. On several occasions, you have received reports from him that read, "Chicago Monday, Detroit Tuesday, Chicago Wednesday." Moreover, his paperwork is late - if he turns it in at all. When you question Brad about these issues, he replies, "I just want to hit the road and sell. I don't have time for all this paperwork! Plus, I've always had the impression that it's sales volume that counts with this company. In sixteen years with the company, I've always surpassed my quota!"

    Prepare a 1-page memo explaining to Brad why his behavior is unacceptable, how it is affecting other salespeople, and suggesting three (3) ways he can be more productive.

    2.) You have just finished a series of interviews with a person who you feel is an excellent candidate for your firm's open sales position. She has a 3.4 grade point average and a marketing degree. The candidate has excellent communication skills, held a part-time sales job throughout college to help pay for school, and was an officer in the sales fraternity on campus. She will definitely make a great entry-level salesperson at your company. Your only concern is that another company will offer her a job before you do! Before the candidate is offered a job, your company requires that a few of the applicant's references be checked. During the process, you discover that your ideal candidate lied on her resume and application. She was never an officer in the sales fraternity; she was only a member.

    a. Given the difficulty in finding excellent candidates, what do you do with this person?

    b. Would your decision change if you also find out this candidate has several speeding tickets?

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    Date: March 13, 2012
    To: Brad X
    From: Sales Manager, Region 3
    Re: Job requirements

    Dear Brad,
    Congratulations on making Salesperson of the Quarter again! We appreciate the work you do and the continued success of your efforts.

    While we are happy with the results of your sales efforts, the company is concerned about the apparent lack of interest in completing sales paperwork in a timely manner. Unfortunately, this issue is important to protect both you and the company. Time sheets are necessary to track information for both our accounting and the IRS. This issue is not something we can negotiate on. We have made the time accountability as simple as possible for sales persons.

    The second issue is the overall paperwork and how long it takes to deliver it to the company. These reports protect you in case of dispute and us as well. Companies are ...

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