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    Design an Organization Structure for Betty's Baby Boutique

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    Design an organizational structure for your chosen business using the table below.

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    Select one of these five businesses for which you will design an organizational structure:

    1. Betty's Baby Boutique
    2. Veterans' Memorial Hospital
    3. Jupiter Graphic Design
    4. DoItYourselfHomeworkProjects.com
    5. White Noise Communications

    Remember that although this is your business, it would be wise to create an organizational structure that best supports both the needs of the business and its employees.
    In accordance to BrainMass rules this is not a completion of assignment but background help.
    Design an organizational structure for your chosen business using the table below.

    1 Betty's Baby Boutique

    2 Structure (Simple, Bureaucracy, etc.)
    Simple Structure.<Enter the organizational structure you selected here.>

    3 Number of Employees
    Eight employees<Enter an approximate number of employees here.>

    4 Work Specialization
    There is no work specialization as such but two of eight staff are responsible for collecting the purchased items from ...

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