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Describing Organization Structure

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I need help describing advantages and disadvantages of some organization structures.

Select two of the following organization structures and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the ones you select.

a. Flat versus tall

b. Centralized versus decentralized

1) Coordination
2) Authority
3) Decision-making

c. Boundary less

d. Network-based

e. Virtual

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a. Flat versus tall
A flat organizational structure is one in which there are fewer hierarchical levels, but most of the governance and organization lies towards the lower level of employees. A tall structure, on the other hand, has many vertical levels and relatively fewer horizontal levels, such that the structure appears as a tall tree. In a flat structure, coordination might be slightly better because there are many managers acting at the same level, and therefore, there is less of superiority feeling amongst competitor divisions. On the other ...

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351 words looks at flat, tall, centralized, decentralized, boundary-less, network based and virtual organizational structures.

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