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    Organization structure

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    How is your organization structured? Does this structure support your organization's plan?

    How do organizational functions impact organizational structures?

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    // Before describing about the Organizational structure, it is essential to identify the form of the Organization. One should know about the business units, in which the Organization is divided, which further will assist in analyzing the structure of the Organization in an effective manner.//

    My company is formed in divisional organization. Divisional organizational structure is also known as the profit decentralization structure. In this structure, an organization is divided in the several different autonomous business units. Each division has its own manufacturing facility, capital, etc. It is a separation of the organization in several small organizations. But still, all the organizations are a part of the organization. All multi-national companies make some plans to get the exposure in the international market, like wise my organization also has some plans to achieve its objectives.

    //Above is the explanation of the Organizational structure. Moving to the next instruction, explanation about the support for the Organization's plan is to be discussed by highlighting its benefits for the firm.// ...

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