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    Deming and Technical Support

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    Melissa Clare works for a software company as a technical support representative. Her duties include answering the telephone, providing information to customers, and troubleshooting technical problems. Her supervisor told her to be courteous and not to rush callers. However, the supervisor also told her that she must answer an average of 15 calls per hour so that the department's account manager can meet his or her budget. Melissa comes home each day frustrated because the computer is slow in delivering information that she needs and sometimes provides the wrong information causing her to search for the information in complex manuals. She knows that she often cuts the call off prematurely or provides only the minimal information necessary.

    - What is Melissa's job (not her job description)?
    - What might Deming say about this situation?
    - Drawing on Deming's principles, outline a plan to improve this situation.

    The answer needs to be between 50 -175 words

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    Melissa's job is to efficiently handle calls within the shortest amount of time while providing the best quality customer service. Her job is to be courteous, helpful, and understanding of the caller's needs.

    Deming would say that a strategic plan should be implemented based on ...

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    This solution discusses Melissan's job, what Deming would say, and outlines a plan to improve the ethical situation discussed.