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The Impact of Quotas

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W.E. Deming, the "Father of TQM," argued that quotas ought not to drive operations. Why did he make this argument? What do you think of it and why? Cite examples to support your view points.

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Quotas ought not to drive operations -

In understanding the idea behind quotas not driving operations would mean to look past the idea of the leadership focused on just the processes involved in getting the product done. It would mean looking into every angle of the organization and those involved in getting the job done. Understanding every individual's view and take on the situation and how these individuals understand and impact the organization and the best ways to communicate and work together with these individuals - creating the total quality management that will drive the company towards efficiency and savings that will open the door to new opportunities. Deming discusses the idea of transforming the individual first to understand the system of profound knowledge - "to his life, to events, to numbers, to interactions between ...

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