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Critical Thinking Simulation

Do you have any suggestions for completing the following? Prepare a paper discussing a "real world example of critical thinking." This could cover any topic (environment, business, politics, etc)

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If we agree that critical thinking could include the following processes:

? Purpose for thinking: goal, objective
? Question at issue: the problem
? Concepts: theories, definitions, axioms, laws, principles, models
? Assumptions: presuppositions, taken for granted
? Information: data, facts, observations, experiences
? Interpretations and inferences: conclusions, solutions
? Points of view: frame of reference, perspective, orientation
? Consequences and implications ...

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The solution first discusses eight general processes involved in critical thinking. Then a subject was selected: should the company expand their product sales into the State of Idaho? The solution develops the idea with a list of nine criteria to be investigated, discussed and further researched before making a decision about the primary question.