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    Create and Manage a Diversified Workforce

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    Write an Introduction and a Purpose statement related to thew following problem statement:

    Over the last two decades, many companies have realized the importance of creating and managing a broad and diversified workforce in all areas of their business. Hence, the increased attention gained among managers. This problem will continue to affect the next several generations; therefore, assessing multicultural workforces' management is essential- Do managers in global businesses have a greater tolerance for ambiguity?

    For introduction:
    Is the opening sentence engaging, and does it encourage readers to continue?

    Is a problem or issue identified that justifies this study?

    Is the problem framed in a way that is consistent with the research approach?

    Do you refer to groups of studies to justify the problem's importance?

    Do you cite recent literature (within the past 10 years)?

    Are specific deficiencies in past studies identified?

    Do you explain how the study will address these deficiencies?

    Do you explain why the study is significant for audiences?

    Is the Introduction well-written and easy to read?

    For Purpose Statement:
    For mixed methods, does the Purpose Statement:

    Indicate the overall content intent?

    Discuss the reasons for combining both quantitative and qualitative data?

    Include the characteristics of a good qualitative purpose statement (as listed above)?

    Include the characteristics of a good quantitative purpose statement (as listed above)?

    Indicate the specific types of quantitative and qualitative data collection?

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    Since I am unaware of the type of data collection you might use, I have outlined a basic introduction and purpose section. You can add your specifics for data collection, articles to be used, and what makes a good purpose statement per your class.

    I also added a couple of references I believe will help you cite within the introduction.


    Diversity is the buzzword that gets the attention of many managers and company leaders. Along with change, ...

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