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    Core Competencies

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    How can a corporation identify its core competencies? Its distinctive competencies? Provide examples of each for your own organization.

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    Core Competencies
    Core competencies lead to the development of core products; or give an organization a competitive advantage. There are three useful tests for identifying a core competence. These tests are (McNeil, 2002):
    1. Provide access to a wide variety of markets
    2. Contribute significantly to the end-product beliefs
    3. Be difficult for competitors to imitate
    In other words, the organization must look into exactly what the job scope is what the mission of the organization is and develop competencies which align with the organization's beliefs and values. The organization should analyze and recognize their values and beliefs and adjust their competencies to meet them.
    Distinctive competencies are an alternative definition for core competencies; however, is specific to what the organization does better than others in their industry. This would be developed by looking at the growth direction, defining the market by growth opportunity and product development. For example, Nokia's distinctive competencies are product innovation, global brand management and rapid response (Oliff, 2008).
    When hiring new employees, you may address certain areas in an interview, but how do you really know if that employee is really who they say they are? Here is a list of examples of Core Competencies for employee recruitment:
    Sets high, "stretch" standards of performance for self and all coworkers. Demonstrates low tolerance for mediocrity. Requires high-quality results. Exhibits conscientiousness and high sense ...

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