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Concepts and Constructs

I need help with my business research methods class. I have to come up with a scenario and then create constructs and constraints for the scenario. Then I have to explain how they relate to an explanatory hypothesis. My scenario is that female reps are having lower customer defections than the male sales reps.
I don't truly understand the difference between concepts and constructs.

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The use of female reps leads to fewer customer defections. The use of male reps, in sales, leads to more defections by customers. These are explanatory hypotheses. Each one points to the relationship that one variable specifically has on another. In the case of female reps, there seems to be less defections, so the question is why this might be happening.

Constructs are based on hypothetical knowledge. A theory that is not based on facts is a construct. When there is factual evidence, it is a concept. These theories are based on facts.

For example, at a furniture store two people are looking at a table. One is a customer feeling the table and looking at the painted surface. The other is the salesperson with the specification sheet on the table. The customer ...

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The concepts and constructs are examined. How lower customer defection than the male sales reps is determined.