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    Companies that use four modes of transportation

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    Identify in the EESC where each of the four modes of transportation are used: rail, inland water, ocean, and OTR. You can use topic headings for each mode. Identify the materials being transported from which industry to which industry. Discuss why this mode is being used and what the costs are on a per ton-mile basis.
    Background: Briefly review and discuss the targeted product, company, and industry
    Diagram: Include the diagram of the EESC
    Transportation Discussion: Discuss each of the four transportation modes (rail, inland water, ocean, OTR) in the EESC and where each one is used. Discuss why this mode is used and the costs of using.
    Clarity and Organization: The paper should be well organized and clearly discuss the various topics and issues in depth and breadth.
    Use of references and citations: at least six (6) proper references should be used correctly, cited in the text, and listed in the references using an appropriate style; It is not necessary to use APA format, but it is suggested that this format be used or another format similar.
    Length: The paper should be three to four pages - the body of the paper excluding title page and references page.

    Use the transportation resources. research and find at least two additional appropriate references, for a total of at least six.

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    Shearer's potato chips brand is the number one global brand of kettle chips, in terms of sales.
    The product is sold under private store labels and under the Frito Lay brand, as well as directly to
    retailers, food service companies, vending machine companies, and schools. The organization relies on
    several modes of transportation to receive raw materials and to ship its products to various locations
    around the world. The transportation methods used include rail, truck, air, and ocean shipping.
    Typically, logistics will determine how products are shipped, though destination, origination of raw
    materials, and cost are all important factors.
    Over 65% of raw materials are received by train (Raloff, 2010). This method is cost effective, as
    it requires no special handling of materials. Rail systems can bring materials faster and in larger
    quantities than trucks. Rail systems do not have delays like auto accidents on the highways and traffic
    congestion, which can slow transportation and delay shipments. Shipping by rail can be as efficient and
    fast as truck transport, particularly for shorter distances of 500 miles or less (Union Pacific, 2011). Rail
    shipping also allows for visual and electronic tracking at any point along the route. Reliability and the
    ability to anticipate the arrival of raw materials allows Shearer's to plan for production times and the
    scheduling of equipment use. In other words, the company can reduce energy use and other costs
    related to production.
    Processed kettle chips are transported via different methods, depending ...

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