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    Collaboration in Workplaces

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    HI,. I want write One page in this Topic.Thanks.

    Professor Instructions :
    1- Taking into account that the quotation of internet. Not more than 5%. If the ratio is greater than 5%. He will Refuse .
    2- One way to decrease your over is to read an article then summarize the text to include at least one paraphrased statement.
    3- Writing all the References at the End page. Thanks.

    Discussion Board:
    Collaboration in a business environment is a best practice that leverages the collective knowledge of the team that is assembled. Peer evaluation and support, provided in the spirit of continuous improvement and organizational success, result in higher quality deliverables than what are generally possible by the efforts of an individual. Collaboration is important no matter where you are at. Whether it is at home or on the job,you need to work with your teammate (s) in order to successfully complete whatever task you are given.

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