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    technical instructions

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    Conduct a search on the Internet for technical instructions explaining how the device works.

    Examine the verbiage, details, clarity, and conciseness of the instructions.

    Explain in approximately 350 words whether the instructions are clear, concise, and easy to comprehend. Defend your answer.

    When documenting information from the Web site, remember to add only the URL on the reference page at the end of the assignment.

    I have chosen the Radio Shack 3 in 1 easy remote.


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    RadioShack 3 in 1 Easy Remote: Owner's Manual
    The instructions of the manual are clear. Consider the introduction. It mentions that once the manufacturer's codes are added, the 3 in 1 is ready to operate most of function of the original remotes. There is no excess of words beyond those need to express what the remote is supposed to do. Similarly, the features of the remotes are mentioned in phrase form so that the communication of the essential points is clear. There are no unnecessary words. The explanations elaborate what the phrases mention. For example, "Convenient Keypad Design" has been mentioned in bold and the explanation is "places each control key in the best position for easy ...

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