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Chart for job-based or person-based

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Milkovich compares and contrasts a person-based salary structure with a job based. Create a table with your jobs in column 1 and your determination in column 2. In column 3, write a short statement explaining why you placed the job in that category.

Job Ideal Structure Rationale

Cashier Job-based skills can be learned
on the job
Layaway Asscociate job-based

Jewelry Associate Job-based

Fitting Room Associate Job-based

Department Manager Person-based Need all 4 other skills
along with merchandising

Cashier job- Wait on customers using cash or credit. Process refunds.

Fitting room associate- Let customers in fitting room. Sort clothes on racks according to departments.

Jewelry associate- Wait on customers, pulling out only 1 item at a time. Put out new jewelry as needed.

Layaway associate- waiting on customers, able to process layaways, refunds and payments on layaways as well as cancellations.

Department manager- need all skills above plus merchandising, and the ability to work machine for markdowns. Process transfers and damages, customer service.

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The chart for job-based or person-based are examined.

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