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    Change Management: Two Projects Cases

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    The attached two files contain discussions of a change management project that went well and one that did not go well from two different learners. It also listed the factors that lead to the success or failure of the project.

    Please provide comments for both of these discussions pertain to the following:

    When responding to others, seek clarification, share your personal experiences that relate to their experience, and provide feedback on their posts. In addition, consider providing suggestions for how others can improve their change management processes and call out themes that emerge throughout the discussion.

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    The successful combination of two offices is often filled with anxiety. This is as much because of what is not done as well as what is. In some cases there is little to no communication or direction. In the case presented, this was absolutely not the case and the reason it was so successful. There was communication and it helped to ease the tension and helped people to understand what was happening. Announcing the date early, allowing for the time frames and sequences to be understood, and giving a firm start date are all important. Banks do this very well when there are changeovers. However, one of the most important is the continuation of things as usual. This often gets lost in change. The comfort of doing things as close to "business as ...

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