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    Change Management Projects: Success and Failure

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    1. Describe a change management project that went well and one that did not go well.

    2. What factors do you think lead to the success or failure of the project ?

    3. What role did sequencing play in the success or failure ?

    Please be sure to focus your discussion on the first two steps in Kotter's sequence: establishing a sense of urgency and creating a guiding coalition.


    Kotter, J. P. (1996). Leading change. Boston: Harvard Business School Press. ISBN: 0875847471,

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    I am tackling the unsuccessful change first. It was a change in how projects were tracked by the company. I worked for a home design and drafting firm and we were losing money because jobs were often put off or, "lost" in work for other jobs. Bigger jobs were hampered by miscommunication and lack of regular invoicing. After some discussion, we decided to move to a project management software and also put projects in an online open docs program. The project management program would keep the project on track and give everyone the information the drafts-persons and artists needed about time constraints, needs, and when meetings were scheduled. It could be updated and it was flexible so if problems came up, it could be adjusted. The online program allowed us to put in documents, notes, update who was working on the project, and when they worked on it. We could schedule meetings and put those notes in as well as make sure everyone was informed. Scanned in items, such as drawings and art could be put into the project as well. All persons involved in the project could get to the information from anywhere an internet connection was available. ...

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    In this solution, the expert provides an example from her personal experience to help illustrate good and bad change management projects and the factors that determine their efficacy.