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    Agility in Business

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    Take a position on whether or not managerial groups within a large organization are more likely to make better decisions than individual managers within the same organization. Provide support for your position.
    Suggest a scenario that illustrates when a manager should approach a decision from a group perspective, as opposed to taking his or her individualized approach to the decision in question. Provide support for your rationale.

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    Dear Student,

    Your assignment is to discuss whether large organizations make better managerial decisions than individual managers. I challenge you to look at this from a position of agility and qualifications. Agile in business is the ability to make and execute decisions quickly. Organizations in which the decision making is made by a large ...

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    This solution discusses the pros and cons of management decisions made by groups of managers versus decision made by individual managers. Agility and access to subject matter experts are discussed in this solution.