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    Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning

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    1. Describe the importance of high quality (error-free) data entry.
    2. What competitive advantages does agility provide to a manufacturing company?
    3. What is the role of data mining?
    4. What are two challenges of legacy systems?
    5. Define ERP and describe its objectives.
    6. Explain the difference between a project and operations. Provide examples and references.

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    Data Entry
    High quality error free data should be the goal of every information system. Information systems begin their processes with the input of data. Not any data may be used; there is an expectation of the type of data needed as well as the data format. If the data type or format is incorrect, it could cause miscalculations and errors throughout the rest of the process.

    To give an example, if a business process is focused on keeping track of the average sales of a company product in U.S. Dollars, it can be easily seen that the input should be in dollars. If an input manages to present Yen instead of dollars, any calculation would prove to be incorrect. Needless to say, even if the data is formatted correctly the data should still be error free.

    In business, agility means a company's ability to handle business changes in a swift professional manner. This could involve the changes in the use of business technology at every level of operation. Supply Chain Management changes would be a good example of a ...

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    A small look of issues involving enterprise resource planning and the objectives behind the use of information systems.