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Law Enforcement, Fitness and Agility

Physical agility standards for the police have been a long-time source of controversy. Proponents contend that agility and fitness are critical in law enforcement, while many opponents contend that agility and fitness are more important for firefighters than law enforcement. :

What are the guidelines set by courts with regard to agility and fitness tests in law enforcement? Discuss the findings of at least one court case.

Do you agree that agility and fitness tests are required?

Do you think that these tests discriminate against potential female police officers?

Should there be height and weight requirements for police officers?

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When discussing the issue of fitness tests in law enforcement it is imperative that YOU understand the legislation that has been responsible for cultivating the current widely recognized guidelines that are used in law enforcement. The act that is most commonly considered as the regulation responsible for fitness tests in law enforcement is the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the clause alluding to JOB RELATEDNESS via the amendment that was passed in 1991 with the addition of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The test must be job related and scores from the test must have the ability to ...

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The Solution provides some notes on the legal concerns regarding fitness tests for law enforcement personnel.