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How To Influence Your Audience

The opening of a presentation is very crucial; it sets the tone for the rest of the presentation. What are some ways to prepare an effective opening? Give an example where you have witnessed either an effective opening or one that was not effective and why.

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You have an enormous potential to create magic during the first few moments of your presentation if you are focused on being useful to the audience and filled with positive assumptions about them and the session that has just begun.
An effective opening can:
? focus participant attention by breaking individual preoccupation and introducing
the topic of the program.
? enable networking among participants by introducing them to others in the room.
? help participants feel more comfortable in working together.
? engage participants with some relevant aspect of the topic or issue explored in the

How To Influence Your Audience:

Know your subject: The one element that can make your presentation much easier on you and more influential to your audience is your mastery of the subject. Practice giving a presentation on your topic until you are confident that you know your topic inside out without having to look at slides or notes.

Speak to your audience's interest: It's amazing how many presenters stand up and start talking about their project, ...

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Audience knowledge is stressed.