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Adequate Systems and Organizational Optimization

1. Describe a sports team, family, or the human body as a system (or chose something else to describe as a system). What are the components? How do they work together? What happens if one is optimized at the expense of the rest?

2. How can an inadequate systems approach affect organizational optimization?

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1. Suppose that we consider the human body as a system. The minutest unit of construction in the human body is the cell. Groups of cells form tissues, groups of tissues form an organ, groups of organ form an organ system, and groups of organ systems form an organism. For example, human stomach is an organ which is formed of many tissues (epithelial cells, those specializing in secretion of enzymes) etc. Stomach and other organs like the oesophagus, duodenum, colon and rectum form the digestive system. Many organ systems, like the digestive system, cardio-vascular system, nervous system, respiration system, etc. all form the human organism as a whole. All the organ ...

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This is a discussion on components of particular systemic approaches and the expenses of organizational optimization.