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Imagine you have a meeting with the CEO and other high ranking officers of a company that invests in distance learning start-ups. Your objective is to obtain a loan for a distance learning company that you would like to start. Fortunately, you have a mentor to whom you can turn for help.

Using a business-like tone and format, compose a letter (Word Document) that would be suitable to send as an email to this mentor. Address the following so that your mentor can be of assistance to you:

Analyze the audience (be creative and imagine who the CEO and other officers are).
This means answering the questions: What would be important to this type of audience? What would they be most interested in learning from you? Or, per page 5 in the Munter book, answering the questions: Who are they? What do they know and expect? What do they feel?
State the objectives for your presentation.
This is addressed on p. 14 of the Munter book and includes answering "As a result of my presentation the audience will..." and "identifying exactly what you want your audience to do, say or know as a result of your talk." (p. 14)
List topics that will be covered in the presentation
Select a medium for your presentation to the CEO and explain why you chose it.
Mediums of communication are described in detail on pps. 17-19 of the Munter book.
Determine the image you wish to portray at this presentation and provide details on how you will project this image and what could help you do this.
How do you want to come across to the CEO and high ranking officers? What image do you think will impress them, and how specifically can you project this image? (Hint: what kind of clothes, vocabulary, speaking style, and delivery tools will help you project this image.)

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1200 word business letter

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1382 words with references.

//First of all, we will write general introduction about the company to the CEO. After it we will write about the importance of the distance learning for the audiences. We should also know about the objectives of the program. I am just providing a simple introduction about writing a mail to CEO regarding the distance learning program. You can add more in this section by using your resources. For example:\

Dear Ms. Brown,

In this global world our company enjoys prestigious position in his software field. This is very good for the organization. If we do something unique with this business then it works like an open trump card in current business. And Software Company provides distance learning than it's a concept that change the way of thinking and divert the mind.

Basically distance learning is a system and a process that connects learners with distributed learning resources. While distance learning takes a wide variety of forms, all distance learning is characterized by the following: 1) separation of place and/or time between instructor and learner, among learners, and/or between learners and learning resources, and 2) interaction between the learner and the instructor, among learners, and/or between learners and learning resources conducted through one or more media; use of distance learning is beneficial in all fields. And it provides advance information according to the global world.

Educational content appears largely unplanned in the sense that educators are not directly involved. However, the distance education now originating from universities and colleges attempts to plan educational content and activities for students removed in place and time from their instructors.

In past we have not done a job of implementing the concept of learner-centered education in distance education. It is not an easy task, if we don't understand it and demonstrate it ourselves. One of the reasons that we may have failed in this area even that the tools were not available to do much besides deliver education (as opposed to enable learning) at a distance. ...

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