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    Waldo's Duty to Mitigate

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    Waldo washes windows with Worldwide Window Washers.Waldo has just before the second year of a 2-year contract that pays him $30,000 per year. Even though Waldo has performed his job perfectly, he was suddenly told that his contract was being terminated. Waldo was offered a couple of other jobs shortly after this contract was terminated. The first was a custodian in a city 200 miles away paying $24,00 a year. The second was as a cook in a local fast food restaurant paying $22,000 a year. Waldo took neither job. In connection with his duty to mitigate, which of the following is true?
    a. Waldo would be obligated to accept neither job.
    b. Waldo would not be obligated to accept the custodian job.
    c. Waldo would be obligated to accept one of the jobs, but the choice of which one was up to Waldo.
    d. Waldo would not be obligated to accept the cook job.
    e. Waldo is not obligated to accept any job of any kind for the duration of the contract that was breached.

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    Waldo's duty to mitigate connection is examined after he turned down two jobs after being fired from Worldwide Window Washers.