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    Verbal Contracts: Enforceable?

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    Case Study:

    On February 1, Mary verbally agrees to work as a businessperson on a temporary basis for the firm of Blacke & Blewe, P.C. The job that Mary is assigned to do will take eight months, and it is to start on September 1st. Is this an enforceable contract? Explain why or why not.

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    Oral contracts are legally binding, assuming Mary can prove that the contract exists. In the event that Mary needed to do so in court, she would need to establish that an agreement took place, and the terms that were involved. In order to have a valid, enforceable contract, one must have the following, according to the American Bar Association: an offer, acceptance, consideration (something of value such as money), permissible subject matter (a legal job, in this instance), parties must be of legal age and suitable mental capacity to enter into a contract, and intent to form a contract (Helewitz, ...

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