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    Proposals on public accomodation in the workplace

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    For a research paper, I had to pick two disabilities and ways to accomodate them for individuals. the two disabilities I chose were: the blind not having an accomodation for using the internet, and secondly, smoking in restaurants (even though there is non smoking, people still get the smoke) those with lung problems still suffer.

    Now I'm having trouble coming up with proposals for each side (4 proposals each). any suggestions to help get me started would be much appreciated.

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    Well, like you say, "any suggestions to help get me started"...so I'll give you a few suggestions to get you thinking. (I don't think it would be ethical for me to give you 4 proposals for each, after all, you've got to come up with some yourself, right?)

    Let's start with the accomodations for blind people using the internet. The first suggestion would be to have some dedicated machines (in large population centers, of course) that have the settings changed to very large fonts and very bold colors. For example, you can change the Appearance of the screen by changing Display Properties. Some of the options ...