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    Mediating a Conflict Between Homeowner and Builder

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    A home buyer has a contract with a builder to provide Copper Pipe for plumming but instead provides PVC pipe and it results in a busted pipe. The home buyer decides to sue for breach of contract and needs this matter mediated. The buyer wants the homebuilder to replace the PVC pipe with copper but the homebuilder only wants to pay the difference in cost for the copper pipe.

    How would you mediate this issue?

    What would the possible legal remedies be if the case went to court?

    What would you tell the homebuilder about the same topic?

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    I think first and foremost it is imperative to try and attempt to come to agreed upon terms. To a large degree it is unrealistic to expect the homebuilder to replace the PVC pip with copper. However, at the same time, something ...

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    Clear, concise explanation of how to settle a conflict where a builder uses materials not agreed upon in contract and the project fails.